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Unlock operational excellence with our Customer Audits, guaranteeing compliance. Empower your workforce through specialized EHS Trainings for a safer, more resilient workplace. Our services bridge expertise in environmental sciences, sustainability, and business strategy, ensuring a comprehensive approach to enhance your organization’s performance and commitment to excellence.

Customer Audits & EHS Trainings

Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) audits play a crucial role in ensuring that organizations comply with relevant regulations and standards, maintain a safe working environment, and uphold social responsibility. Various audit services are offered to assist companies in evaluating and improving their EHS practices.

Key Offerings

  1. Social Audits: Social audits focus on assessing an organization’s adherence to social responsibility and ethical practices. These audits evaluate factors such as labor conditions, human rights, fair wages, and community impact. Companies often undergo social audits to demonstrate their commitment to ethical business practices and to align with international standards. These audits contribute to building trust with stakeholders, enhancing the company’s reputation, and fostering a positive corporate culture.
  2. ISO 14001 Audits: ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. Organizations seeking to minimize their environmental impact and improve sustainability often pursue ISO 14001 certification. EHS audit services that support ISO 14001 compliance help companies assess their environmental management systems, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that they meet the stringent requirements of the standard. This includes evaluating environmental policies, resource usage, waste management, and the overall environmental performance of the organization.
  3. ISO 45001 Audits: ISO 45001 is a standard that focuses on occupational health and safety management systems. Companies implementing ISO 45001 aim to create a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. EHS audit services supporting ISO 45001 help organizations assess their occupational health and safety policies, hazard identification, risk management, emergency preparedness, and compliance with legal requirements. These audits contribute to reducing workplace accidents, improving employee well-being, and ensuring legal compliance.
  4. Integrated EHS Audits: Some service providers offer integrated EHS audits that cover a broad spectrum of environmental, health, and safety aspects. These audits consider the interconnectedness of various EHS elements, providing a holistic view of an organization’s performance. Integrated audits can streamline the assessment process, identify synergies between different EHS components, and help companies develop comprehensive strategies for sustainable business practices.
  5. Consultancy and Training Services: In addition to audit services, EHS consultants often provide training to employees and management teams. Training programs help in building awareness, enhancing skills, and fostering a culture of safety and environmental responsibility within the organization. This proactive approach can contribute to long-term compliance and continuous improvement.


EHS audit services are essential for organizations committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and the well-being of their employees. By engaging in these audits, companies not only meet regulatory requirements but also create a foundation for responsible and sustainable business practices.

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