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    waste water enginnering
    end to end services

    At EcoEarth, we redefine the landscape of waste water engineering with a commitment to sustainable solutions. 

  • Our services

    Extended Producer Responsibilities
    (EPR) Consulting

    At EcoEarth, we take pride in leading the charge towards sustainable waste management through comprehensive Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) services.

  • Our services

    ESG & Sustainability

    At EcoEarth, we are at the forefront of driving positive change through our comprehensive ESG & Sustainability, Net Zero Planning Consulting Services.

  • Our services

    Customer Audits
    EHS Trainings

    Empower your workforce through specialized EHS Trainings for a safer, more resilient workplace.

  • Our services

    Rain Water Harvesting
    End To End Solutions

    Discover holistic Rainwater Harvesting solutions on our page. From design to implementation, we offer end-to-end services ensuring sustainable water management for a greener future.

  • Our services

    EHS Regulatory
    Compliance Assurance

    We provide complete support for obtaining the CFE/CTE (Consents for establishments/Consents to establish, CFO/CTO (Consents for operations/consents to operations), Central Ground water Board CGWB NOC, Building stability, Fire NOC etc.

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    About US

    Eco Earth Enviro Engineers, Your Pioneers in Sustainable Wastewater Engineering

    Welcome to EcoEarth Enviro Engineers, a pioneering force in comprehensive environmental solutions. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, we stand as a leading provider of integrated services in Waste Water Engineering, Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) Consulting, ESG & Sustainability Consulting, Customer Audits, Rain Water Harvesting Solutions, EHS Regulatory Compliance Assurance, and EHS Trainings.

    what we offer

    EcoEarth Enviro Engineers delivers excellence with comprehensive services: Waste Water Engineering, EPR & ESG Consulting, Customer Audits & EHS Trainings, End-to-End Rainwater Harvesting Solutions, and EHS Regulatory Compliance Assurance

    Waste Water Engineering end to end services

    At EcoEarth, we redefine the landscape of waste water engineering with a commitment to sustainable solutions.

    EPR Consulting

    EcoEarth excels in EPR for sustainable waste management, E-Waste, and Hazardous Waste with a positive impact.

    ESG & Sustainability Consulting

    At EcoEarth, pioneering positive change through ESG, Sustainability, and Net Zero Planning Consulting.

    Customer Audits & EHS Trainings

    EHS audits vital for regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and social responsibility in organizations.

    Rain Water Harvesting end to end Solutions

    EcoEarth ensures a green future with holistic rainwater harvesting solutions for sustainable water management.

    EHS regulatory compliance assurance

    Comprehensive support for CFE/CTE, CFO/CTO, CGWB NOC, Building stability, Fire NOC, ensuring regulatory compliance.

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